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Founded in 1835, Mt Helm is the oldest black church in Jackson, MS. It began with several enslaved blacks worshipping in the basement of First Baptist Church – Jackson and became a separate body in 1867 (the year the 13th Amendment was ratified).

Mt Helm is a history making church. The Baptist State Convention, the Church of Christ Holiness (USA), and the Church of God in Christ can all trace part of their denominational histories back to this church. A number of prominent Baptist churches were generated from the Mt Helm congregation as well. Also Jackson State University (formally Jackson College) was for a time housed at Mt Helm.

Located in the heart of Downtown Jackson and the historic Farish Street District, Mt Helm has a rich tradition of worship, witness, and service to God and humanity. This historic church has persevered for nearly two hundred years by the grace of God and will continue to be a leading congregation in our city, our state, and our world.

Below are some links to institutions that have historic connections to our church:

First Baptist Church – Jackson
General Missionary Baptist State Convention of Mississippi
Church of Christ Holiness (USA)
Church of God in Christ
Jackson State University




A Project of the Mount Helm
History Committee

Levernis E. Crosby, Chair
Brenda Donnell
Arva Fuller
Virgia Gambrell
Don Greene
Charles Holmes
Emma Hurley
Geraldine Kelly
C. M. Lewis
Samuel Mitchell


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